Startups are the pioneers of economic and social renewal. They create more and more jobs, stand for innovative business models in areas such as artificial intelligence and play a key role in driving forward Germany's digitalization and sustainable development. Another positive aspect is the increasing proportion of female startup founders (Startup Monitor 2021).

Startup networks

Numerous national and international studies see Berlin as a leading global location for startups. There are good reasons for this: There is a dense network of support services for young startups in Berlin.

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Financing in all development phases

Startups need access to capital at all stages of development.

  • Pre-seed: In the pre-seed phase, the business model is developed. In addition, the founding team is formed here, which must cover all the necessary skills.
  • Around the founding: In the seed phase, the company is founded. In addition, the business model and business plan are further adapted to the market and contacts are usually already made with funders.
  • Growth: In the growth phase, the company continues to expand its production and, above all, its sales. Access to international markets becomes more important. Additional employees are hired. Additional venture capitalists are coming on board.

Financing through venture capital

Most startups require private venture capital in addition to public funding.

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Market access and international networking

To get into business and be successful also internationally, startups need a suitable starting point, the right relationships and the financial prerequisites. 

  • Start Alliance Berlin
    With this program, the business development agency Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH helps young startups in particular with international networking. It is as well helpful to make the world's most important lead markets more accessible for Berlin startups.
  • German Accelerator
    It supports German startups in their international expansion into the USA and Asia. The program is individually tailored to the participants and offers intensive workshops, exchange with experts and access to a global network. The German Accelerator is operated by German Entrepreneurship GmbH and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

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There are a number of contact points in Berlin for advising startups.

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