Environmental protection/climate protection/energy

Environmental protection in the face of climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. There are many ways for start-ups and companies to do something for the environment and climate. Some measures have an immediate and financially beneficial impact on the company.

Exploiting market opportunities

The political framework conditions create additional opportunities on the market for many companies. For example, the energy-efficient refurbishment of buildings offers great additional potential, especially for the building trade. But increasing energy efficiency and switching to renewable energy sources also offer many companies from the skilled trades and beyond growing and additional fields of activity.

Reducing costs through more efficient energy use

Companies can not only also make an important contribution to resource conservation and climate protection through energy efficiency, renewable energies and intelligent energy systems. They can also save costs.

Use eco-labels to market product or service

Verifiably environmentally friendly products open up new customer groups. Those who can should have their product or service certified for a well-known and reputable eco-label. The"Blue Angel" and theEU Ecolabel are particularly recognized in Germany.

Convincing customers with environmentally compatible processes

In addition to product labeling, companies can use an environmental management system to make processes more environmentally compatible. The fact that they are doing this should be documented to the interested public and, above all, to their customers.

  • Companies wishing to introduce the European environmental management system EMAS can find the individual steps on the websitewww.emas.de.
  • The EU has also adopted auser manual that also explains the first steps.

Avoiding liability risks

The higher the environmental protection standards in the company, the lower the potential liability risks. The most important environmental laws concern the areas of waste, immissions and water:www.ihk-berlin.de

Making use of advice

TheBerlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) and theBerlin Chamber of Skilled Crafts (HWK) offer companies free advice and services.