Location Berlin

For many startups, the choice of location is enormously important. Last but not least, rental costs, accessibility for customers, transport connections, technical equipment and last but not least the surrounding area play an important role.

Hotspot Berlin
Berlin is one of the hotspots for startups in Germany due to its international appeal and the large number of important location on offer.

  • Future locations
    They offer fully developed commercial sites as well as rental space in various technology and startup centers with a wide variety of orientations.

Locations offered for Startups

  • Accelerators, Labs, Hubs
    Accelerators and incubators offer startups professional help and coaching in the further development of their business model. They are particularly interesting for startups whose business idea is already showing clear contours. They often also offer premises.

    Innovations are put into practice in labs and innovation laboratories – from brainstorming to possible market launch. They are often affiliated with a university or a company. They often also offer premises.

    Hubs are junctions where know-how, business ideas and startup support are bundled in specific sectors. Examples: theBerlin Hubs for IoT & FinTech
  • Coworking-Spaces
    They are ideal alternatives for young startups who cannot yet afford their own office. They also offer a good opportunity for exchange or to find new employees. More than 100 coworking spaces have sprung up in Berlin in recent years. They have made the capital the European pioneer of a new work culture and are an important part of the startup ecosystem.
  • Technology and business centers
    Young companies will find the right technical infrastructure and networking opportunities here and benefit from the affordable office space.
  • Maker Labs
    Startups in Berlin have access to numerous maker labs, open workshops and do-it-yourself workshops. Without high costs, people can learn how to use high-tech equipment, pass on knowledge and test ideas.

Collaboration, Cooperation, Swarm Intelligence, Work-Life

The ever-growing international and interdisciplinary startup community brings several advantages to Berlin as a startup location.

  • Collaboration: The right employees can be found here, especially for international business. If you want to find a job in a startup yourself, you can search for it here:www.talent-berlin.de
  • Team: The many opportunities to meet are ideal for finding suitable co-founders.
  • Cooperation: There is also the opportunity to find suitable cooperation partnerships for co-creation or a division of labor.
  • Swarm intelligence: There is the inspiring and also critical input that startups can obtain at various events.  
  • Work-Life: With a unique range of leisure, cultural and educational activities, Berlin offers many opportunities for personal development and individual life.

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