You have citizenship from another EU country or a non-EU country and want to found a company in Berlin with a business idea? Then the following institutions can offer you initial assistance:

Initial Assistance

TheBusiness Immigration Service is a special IHK Berlin offering, which supports foreign companies and start-up founders, as well as qualified employees, in founding and settling in Berlin. IHK Berlin will advise you on the most important questions in various languages as quickly and as comprehensively as possible.

The Internet PlatformTalent Berlin has summarized many important tips under the heading “Arrival”: on the topics of visas, residence permits, taxes & accounts, health insurance, learning German, etc.

Residence Permit

TheBerlin Welcome Center maintains a comprehensive range of services for people who want to settle here. You can also find useful informationhere.

Residence Permits for Entrepreneurs and Highly Qualified Managers

TheBusiness Immigration Service is an amalgamation of all the players in industry and administration in the Federal State of Berlin who are relevant for visa matters. It enables a quick and straightforward granting of residence permits to entrepreneurs and highly qualified managers. Foreign companies, managers, highly qualified specialists and their families can quickly and straightforwardly clarify all issues relating to residence with the BIS.

Female Migrants in Berlin

The face of Berlin is marked by the diversity of the women who have migrated from countries all over the world. There are numerous offerings and Programmes for women for whom German is not their native language. Theadvice and educational offerings support preparations for professional self-employment.

Recognition of Qualifications

The recognition of vocational and school qualifications gained abroad is very important with respect to the self-employment of migrants.IHK Berlin and theBerlin Chamber of Crafts offer recognition advice alongside the application for skilled workers with a foreign educational qualification and for companies with international workforces.

Help with Administrative Matters

Thesingle contact partner of the Federal State of Berlin keeps all of the important information on formalities for companies from Germany and abroad and helps with the processing of administrative matters. Tel.: (030) 9013-7555 Fax: (030) 9013-8113 Advice in English Tel.: (030) 9013-7577

Advice Seminars for Founders with a Migrant Background

TheInvestitionsbank Berlin (IBB) holds annual advice seminars for the Federal State of Berlin for founders with a migrant background. The central aspects of starting a company are discussed in various languages in one-day seminars – for a low participation fee. The current dates for the series of seminars and webinars on the subject of start-ups can be found on the websitewww.vielfalt-gruendet.de

Workbooks from IQ Competence Centre for the Migrant Economy

TheIQ Competence Centre for the Migrant Economy offers guidelines for a business plan: For secondary income, main sources of income and in 12 different languages.